What is Functional Nutrition?

Nutritionist, registered dietician, health coach, nutrition coach, and clinical nutritionist are just a few of the titles found in the world of nutrition consulting.  Each of them carries a unique approach to working with the public.  Chances are you have yet to hear the term functional nutrition.  So what exactly is this and why might it be the choice for you?  

3 Tenets of Functional Nutrition

Root Cause Resolution
Practicing root cause resolution is all about terrain. It’s about “clearing the muddy waters”, adjusting the landscape, nurturing the soil.  Instead of thinking that we need to get right at those roots, stop and imagine that healthy roots cannot thrive, survive (or heal) in harmful soil. The more we tend to the soil, the more those roots might just regenerate and even be reversed all on their own.”

Systems and Tools
“Using systems to capture the details specific to each client allows me to see what’s really going on for each of them. When we use systems and tools to help gather what’s really going on, we’re no longer treating the symptom alone (which leads to short-term resolution at best), but instead, we’re more able to address the root causes of the person’s pain points.”

Therapeutic Partnership
“The therapeutic partnership is one where both the practitioner and the client are open and vulnerable to the insights revealed by the clinical process.  
A therapeutic partnership is a relationship where history is established and connections are made that enable the practitioner to be able to see the appropriate path more clearly and the client to make incremental and meaningful changes.  The therapeutic partnership slowly but surely changes the terrain for the client (which is where the healing really happens). Their internal terrain makes a shift through the diet, lifestyle and therapeutic interventions we employ, and the healing terrain (and potential) shift because the relationship itself changes the hormonal milieu.”

The focus of functional nutrition is the individual and their story.  It’s an individualized approach to shifting the health in the direction of vitality by focusing on the internal terrain and asking What’s Going On In There?  We want to know why symptoms are occurring.  We use lifestyle interventions including food, movement, sleep, stress, thought patterns,  and relationships to help bring the body back into balance.  

Are you ready to take the leap for your health and put the tenets of functional nutrition to work for you?  Call me today for your free 30 minute assessment!  

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